Friday, July 9, 2010

Miss Manners: CSA Edition

Thanks for supporting local farms with Crunchy Granola Baby and Heaven's Harvest! To make sure that we can continue being a drop-off location for the CSA, we ask that you note some simple considerations:

* Do not unload your CSA box using our couches or ottoman as tables. If they get wet and dirty, we can't use them for sitting!

* Place any unwanted or extra produce in the donation bin for St. Joe's food pantry.

* Kindly collapse your box and place it in the bin when you're done! (If you need us to show you how to do so, just ask.)

* If you have any questions or concerns about the contents of your share, we'd be happy to pass the information along to the farm where your boxes are packed.

We love hosting the CSA and we want to keep it going -- be considerate of us, our customers, and the other shareholders!

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